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Computerized Maintenance Management System

About Us

Clever CMMS is a product of the software development firm, Clever Solutions Ltd. At Clever Solutions, we pride ourselves on placing the client at the centre of our attention. The company strives to exceed customer expectations by providing innovative technology solutions for our clients business demands. We strongly believe in the value of excellence in our work and endeavor to provide the best answers to our clients needs through close client collaboration.


The purpose of our product is to quickly and easily summarize the “health” of your maintenance function, and help you improve the efficiency and quality of your maintenance operations.

Clever CMMS is an easy to use maintenance management system that is hosted on your company’s network. This mode of operation has the added benefit of increased security. Unlike web-based systems, all your data will not be available online, and thus it will be better protected from ill-intentioned experts.


A CMMS maintains and analyzes an electronic database with all the information relevant for an organization’s maintenance function, for the purpose of creating a system which allows for, and encourages, a successful preventive maintenance working culture. The computerized management tool works to organize all the relevant data to provide its users with the information needed for better decision making. Having several automated functions, the system saves the maintenance department time resulting in improved overall efficiency.