Maintenance management is increasingly being recognized as an integral part of the production process. More than ever, the enhancement of asset and personnel efficiency is being attributed further importance.

CMMS applications are no longer considered as exclusive system software for large corporations, but nowadays, small and medium sized businesses are recognizing that CMMS implementation is not only an option, but it is fast becoming a must.

At Clever Solutions Ltd, we recognize how previously manual tasks such as keeping equipment maintenance records, and organizing important supplier information, have now become quick computerized routines. Software such as Clever CMMS ensures that information access is made easy, secure and handier for the user.

More Productive Working Culture

The scheduling utility of Clever CMMS encourages for a commitment to planned work and therefore, to a more productive working culture. Since work time-tables are programmed automatically and according to priority, maintenance workers spend less time filling in paper work and more time servicing and repairing equipment.

Realize the true capacity of your capacity

Keeping Maintenance history logs, an effortless Clever CMMS task, is necessary if companies wish to understand the true capacity of their equipment. It is also a requirement for those companies desiring to conform to ISO 9000 standards, which act as a stamp of quality for your company.

Upkeep of safety and environmental standards

Clever CMMS aids in the upkeep of health and safety standards. Safety procedures may be recorded and every work order that is created is listed with the necessary safety information. Our product also encourages an environmentally friendly attitude. Clever CMMS ensures better equipment performance allowing the company’s assets a longer lifespan at the most efficient level possible.

Improve efficiency and professionalism

Computerized Maintenance Management System software enhances efficiency, professionalism and effectiveness. The days when we forget to perform important tasks are gone. Clever CMMS provides a solution. Keeping you up to date with pre-set daily tasks encourages a positive attitude towards long term planning.

Enhance the Purchasing Function

Keeping track of supplier information is another important task. Monitoring and managing supplier relationships is a feature which enhances a company’s purchasing function by ensuring that suppliers conform to the company’s supplier standards.