Effective Preventive Maintenance

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We are in a time when business decision making has to be prudent, information based, and aligned with organizational goals. This holds true in every department and category within an organizational structure, and within the key elements of cost-savings initiatives.

Many organizations are now using computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) not only as a record keeping resource of preventive maintenance activity, but as an expense reduction resource. A CMMS can be very effective in the control of operating budgets for maintenance departments and it helps create a well performance-based preventive maintenance management system.
A Win-Win Situation – Reducing Maintenance Cost while Increasing Productivity

A CMMS provides a company’s maintenance department with the opportunity to increase overall productivity and reduce cost while positioning the department to be a cost management value to an organization.

Preventive maintenance (PM) planning and measures should include an organized user-friendly manageable system. A CMMS addresses the organizing of planning, tracking, identifying maintenance “bottlenecks”, and the deliverables needed for the optimization of equipment operations and the fulfilling its projected life span. It can also be used to project planned replacement intervals for equipment before equipment failure, greatly reducing the chance of an unplanned replacement in more costly conditions.

Preventive Maintenance in a CMMS environment can effectively change the value of a PM program into the reality of increased bottom line profits through the efficiencies of productivity gains and a vast improvement in equipment downtime.”Raising the Bar” through an effective CMMS creates a maintenance department that is well integrated and aligned with other organizational goals. Well implemented systems generate a healthy Return on Investment (ROI). A qualitative example could be in sales. Presenting sales staff with a record of no lost sales due to product shortage resulting from equipment failure, is an added plus to the business and the customer base.