What is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)?

A CMMS maintains and analyzes an electronic database with all the information relevant for an organization’s maintenance function, for the purpose of creating a system which allows for, and encourages, a successful preventive maintenance working culture. The computerized management tool works to organize all the relevant data to provide its users with the information needed for better decision making. Having several automated functions, the software system saves the maintenance department time resulting in improved overall efficiency. For more detailed information, see our introduction to Computerized Maintenance Management Systems in the Articles section.

 Why is Clever CMMS used?

Clever CMMS is mainly used to maintain Preventative Maintenance systems, to manage parts re-ordering, to help in the management of supplier relationships, to maximize asset and personnel production, and also to help keep safety and environmental standards in line with regulations. For more information, please visit the product Features section.

 Why should I purchase Clever CMMS instead of other CMMS software?

An important strength of Clever CMMS is that it has been specifically designed to be very user-friendly, an important feature which many other CMMSs lack. Our application sports an appealing interface encouraging continuous use, an important requirement for your plants’ preventive maintenance programme to work. Apart from being easy to use, Clever CMMS is priced very competitively making it financially accessible for any small and medium sized enterprise. On the level of functionality, Clever CMMS has all the important features necessary in a CMMS such as: automatic scheduling, automatic work order generation, parts reordering reminders, a communications module, customizable reporting, and much more. Finally, having a team of developers continuously working on Clever CMMS ensures that our customers benefit from continuous product enhancements, immediate bug fixes, and customer support. This way, we are confident your experience of Clever CMMS will be a positive one.

 Can Clever CMMS be used in a multi-user network environment?

Yes, Clever CMMS supports several concurrent users. This means that several maintenance personnel can make use of the CMMS at the same time. The CMMS also has the function of allowing different levels of access to the database meaning that the maintenance manager might have an administrative level of rights while on the other hand, clients would only have basic observation access.

 What are the Hardware Requirements for Clever CMMS?

The System Requirements to run Clever CMMS are very low. Most computers released within the last 4 years should be able to run Clever CMMS.

The minimum requirements are:

  • 400 megahertz (MHz)
  • Memory: 256 megabytes RAM
  • Hard-disk: 500 megabytes available space
  • Display: 800×600, 256 colours

The recommended requirements are:

  • Processor: 1gigahertz (GHz) Pentium
  • Memory: 512 megabytes RAM
  • Hard-disk: Up to 500 megabytes available spac
  • Display: 1024×768 high colour, 32-bit
  • Internet Connection
 What operating systems is Clever CMMS Compatible with?

Clever CMMS is compatible with Windows XP with Service Pack 2, and Windows Vista.

 How do I purchase Clever CMMS?

To purchase Clever CMMS, click on the ‘Pricing’ link on the left hand menu. On this page you will see what is offered with the Clever CMMS package. After you have read the details, click on the ‘Buy it Now’ button and you will be presented with a form. After filling in the necessary details, you will be presented with a form asking for the payment details. After this has been completed, you will be able to download Clever CMMS, and an activation key will emailed to the email you provided.

 How long is the evaluation period?

The evaluation period will end after 30 days. During the 30 day period, all customers are entitled to a full money back guarantee. The money back guarantee cannot be availed of after 30 days from the purchase of the product.

 What is the difference between an update and an upgrade?

An update is a download which fixes any reported bugs in the program. Updates are released as quickly as possible after a bug has been reported. On the other hand, an upgrade is a download which adds more functionality to the product to increase customer value for money. Both updates and upgrades are released from time to time depending on the changes being made.

 How can I download updates and upgrades?

Clever CMMS automatically checks for updates and upgrades. This saves the user the time and effort of constantly having to check. Despite this, the user is prompted of the download before anything is installed into your computer.

 Is there a limit on the amount of data I can enter in Clever CMMS?

Yes, but the limit is so big that the database can practically be described as unlimited. This is a big advantage of using Clever CMMS.

 What is the purpose of the dummy data? Will it be available after upgrades?

Dummy data is provided with the product to provide the user with the opportunity to try out the program before entering his or her data. The dummy data will not be lost if new data has to be entered in the database as Clever CMMS supports multiple databases. If the dummy data is for any reason deleted, please inform us through our contact page and another copy will be forwarded to you.

 Can I export existing data to other formats?

Yes, of course! Exporting data is an important CMMS feature. It can be accomplished by using the built-in Clever CMMS export utility that allows you to map your data fields and export your data via common text files. Reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel and other common formats.

 What about training and support?

The program requires minimum training. Ease of use is an important strength of Clever CMMS. A user manual is also provided with the program in the Help menu. Clever Solutions offers Clever CMMS training although this is not necessary for anyone with basic computer literacy skills, and basic knowledge about CMMS and preventive maintenance implementation. If difficulties are encountered with the application, our customers can make use of our email support whenever any problems are encountered. We promise to reply to customer queries within a maximum of 2 business days (queries are normally dealt with within 24 hours).

If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us. Please use the contact page to send us a message.