The purpose of our product is to quickly and easily summarize the “health” of your maintenance function, and help you improve the efficiency and quality of your maintenance operations.

Clever CMMS is an easy to use maintenance management system that is hosted on your company’s network. This mode of operation has the added benefit of increased security. Unlike web-based systems, all your data will not be available online, and thus it will be better protected from ill-intentioned experts.

 Clever CMMS Features:
Cool and User Friendly User Interface  
Store a vast inventory  
Track and Organize Preventive Maintenance  
Create Detailed Work Orders  
Create, Customize, and Print Reports  
Unlimited Users  
Store important documents with relevant records  
Modify custom Fields, and leave Notes  
Automatically generate and edit Employee Schedules  
Track Employee Leave and Working Hours  
Track Spare Parts Inventory  
Search the Database quickly and easily  
Anticipate Future Work Loads  
Support for multiple and concurrent users  
Handy Messaging system aiding communication between users  
Dashboard summarizing important information  
Calendar with Reminders  
Create and Maintain multiple databases  
Secure database stored on local network  
FREE upgrades with new features  
FREE 24-month E-Mail Customer Support